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DIY or Call a Mechanic?


Taking proper care of your car should be your own responsibility, but a lot of people are not taking it seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are going to DIY or take your car to the mechanic, regular oil changes, tyre inspections, and some other checkups are absolutely necessary.

Back in the day, all these inspections could be done by yourself, but today`s cars are a lot more sophisticated and there are things you shouldn’t mess with if you don’t have a right set of skills. To make things easier to understand, we have gathered the most common car fixes and explained why you should or shouldn’t attempt fixing them alone.

Repairing suspensions

First, let’s talk about car`s suspensions. At the first glance, they seem pretty easy to fix. There are no electronics involved and in most cases, all you need to do is replace a part. Everybody knows how to take a thing apart and put it back together the same way. Right? Well, that rule does not when it comes to car`s suspensions.

Sure, you can take it apart, but putting it back together requires a certain knowledge. You need to know in which order things go and on top of that, you need a specialised set of tools. We strongly recommend you to hire a professional, otherwise, you are risking causing a lot more damage to your suspension and potentially completely destroying them. So repairing a car`s suspension is definitely not a DIY job.

Tyre inspection

Tyres require an inspection at least once a year, but it all depends on how much you travel. The more miles you cover, the more worn out your tyres will become. As the time passes your tyres will lose their tread, which results in less traction and ultimately less control of the car. With tyres like this, you can really endanger other cars and yourself. That is why it is very important to do regular inspections. Luckily, this is nothing too difficult.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Continental tyres or any other manufacturer’s, the procedure is the same. Carefully check the tread of each tyre and make sure it has an appropriate depth. Each country has its own regulations and standards, so make sure you check what are in yours. Cracks, bulges, etc. are all potential bursting points, so if you spot any on your tyres consider replacing them. Additionally, replacing a tyre is easy. There is no need to go to a mechanic, just watch a tutorial online and you will surely get it on a first try.

Changing the oil

The oil change is a messy task, but it is not a hard one. This is something that most people fear to do by themselves. They think that somehow they can mess up the car`s engine and wreck the car completely, but the reality is completely different. To change the oil in your car you will a wrench, a new bottle of oil, and a bucket.

The procedure goes like this. First, open an oil cap that is under your hood. Then go under your car and find an oil pan and unscrew its bolt. Have a bucket placed beneath it so the oil drains straight into the bucket. Screw back the bolt and fill the oil tank with the new oil for about four quarters of its size. And that’s it, nothing scary, right? Just make sure all the bolts are tightly screwed and that you get the right oil for your engine.

Let’s close with that. These three car fixes are the most common ones by far and now you know what you can mess with and what you should leave to the professionals. Sure, there are some common small fixes like replacing your wiper blades and changing your air filters, but these are easily done without any instructions.

May 23rd, 2017
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