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Audiophiles should soundproof their cars! Here is Why

Even though some probably wouldn’t agree with this claim, there is more to car than horsepower and appearance. The feeling you have while behind the wheel is as important and is a feature that often comes to prominence when you are on a long road trip. However, this raises yet another question: what are the things that can improve your driving experience? Well, good seating will surely help, but this is not all you can do. Soundproofing your car is also a thing that makes your ride much more pleasurable. Here’s why.

Noise is a Road Hazard

The first thing you need to have in mind is that noise is not only a slight nuisance. It is a genuine road hazard. Constant noise can sometimes cause anxiety which, in turn, makes one agitated while driving. Needless to say, one can call this ‘an accident waiting to happen’. In order to fight it, people usually try to turn up the music volume or simply tune out, which is yet again quite dangerous. With this in mind, soundproofing your car might be the only sensible thing to do.

Reducing the Outside Noise

Now, if you were to make your car overall less noisy, there would be an extremely difficult and pricy task ahead of you. To do this, you would most probably have to spend a fortune on a repair or replacement of parts in your car and, even then, the success of the results would be questionable. However, some cars are made louder than others, which means that nothing is wrong with them in the first place.

Exhaust is Crucial

In order to at least try and make your car a bit more silent, there are few places you need to take a look at. According to people behind Cobra Sport Australia, the most critical thing for a silent car as well as a comfy ride is a proper exhaust that is firmly in place. A loose exhaust increases the frequency, as well as the intensity of vibration and only makes your car noisier.

On the other hand, there are those who remove both the muffler and resonator in order to make their car louder. Still, apart from making your car sounding louder, it could also make your gas mileage worse, which is another reason why this is not recommended. While mufflers don’t add anything to your car’s horsepower, they do improve efficiency.

Soundproofing the Car

There are a few methods one can resort to in order to make their car sound better and they mostly have something to do with damping materials, like mats, sprays and foams. By using mats on the floor of your car, you are likely to reduce the intensity of vibration reaching you. Also, every single hole and crack in your car serves as an amplifier, which is bound to make it noisier. Luckily, with the use of sprays and foams, you can fill them up and resolve this issue in the most cost-efficient manner.


Making your car sound better is not a particularly difficult task, yet it is something not many people decide to do. The most important reason behind this is the myth that if your car sounds bad, there is something seriously wrong with it, something that costs a lot of money to fix. Still, in most cases, all one needs to do is replace or tighten their exhaust system a bit, buy some damping mats and fill any crack with a foam or spray. The price of all these upgrades may not be that great, but the difference you will feel in driving experience would be immeasurable.

June 24th, 2016
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