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Car Audio Plus; pleased to announce becoming an official retailer of JBL Car Audio

Here at Car Audio Plus, we know that sometimes your car audio budgets arent always going to run into the thousands. This is why we have brought back the best ever budget car audio brand; JBL Car Audio!

JBL Car Audio have been around, well, forever it seems! They are the masters of budget car audio and we have them to thank for bringing car audio to the masses. Before JBL there wasnt much choice unless you wanted to spend upwards of £1000 for a speaker and subwoofer system to connect up to your classic cassette stereo. When JBL arrived on the scene, this all changed with the first sub £100 car audio subwoofer and soon released a huge range of speakers, amplifiers and even more subwoofers.

JBL’s UK distribution had faltered in recent years but has now settled and Car Audio Plus are proud to announce that we will finally be restocking all JBL products. Your car audio options just got a whole lot better.


August 12th, 2009
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In Phase develop 5700w RMS Mono Amplifier

News has arrived here at Car Audio Plus that In Phase have finished working on a new CRAZY amplifier . This beast really is not for the faint hearted, if you need big power stable at 1 and 2 ohm then you need In Phase Power Drive……..

In Phase are proud to announce the launch of the Limited Edition POWER DRIVE 5000. In Phase have spent years researching and developing the ultimate solution for power and performance.

Introducing to the world “The In Phase Power Drive 5000″

Producing an awesome true 5700w RMS @1Ω with the ability to STACK IT. Yes STACK IT feature will allow you to use 2 In Phase Power Drive 5000 to generate power outputs in excess of 10kw!!!!!!

This amplifier is not for novice installation and MUST be installed by an extremely experienced installer, always read the manual.

With its uncomplicated design the Power Drive measures 700mm in length 300mm width this amplifier can draw up to 500 amps of real current we recommend as a minimum that you have 700 amps of power supply with a capable charging system. This is a serious amplifier and needs serious power supply including batteries and a large alternator.

Using the latest developments in Class D technology the microprocessor ensures maximum performance in any installation, measuring and adjusting itself as the music plays. Features on this amplifier are nothing less than you would expect from In Phase.

Each In Phase Power Drive 5000 is provided with its own Birth Certificate sharing its true tested RMS power rating, so you can be guaranteed that your amplifier will deliver the true power stated.

August 11th, 2009
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