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New Car Audio Plus Website brings in new products and brands

Well here we are, nearly 10 years after becoming one of the very first online retailers of car audio. This is the birth of the brand new Car Audio Plus.

We have redisgned the webpage for many reasons and you, our customers, will benefit from lots of new features.

We have spent 2 months reviewing the products we sell. We have discontinued much of the poor, lesser known products and brands and added britains finest brands to our stock; Vibe, Fli and Edge.

Vibe are making their mark on the world car audio scene, not just the UK’s. They are well known for providing quality streetbass products at very reasnonable prices. Vibe Audio stands for Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures, this is where Vibe gained their reputation. They developed a series of products to add into your car to give your music a much lower bass note. They are known across the UK for their new Audi R8 demo car which pleases the crowds at the UK’s biggest car shows.

Fli are Vibe’s younger brothers. They were designed to give the ultimate car audio experience for those with a smaller budget. Fli create very affordable speakers, subwoofers and bass enclosures which not only look good but sound great too.

Edge are the new boys of car audio. The products really look stunning. They use a bright Orange colour cone for their speakers and subwoofers and cover their amplifiers in an Orange cast aluminium casing. Prices are good too, you can pick up a full system for less than £200. To keep with the colour coding they decided to use a Ford Focus ST in the Ford Racing ST Orange as their demo vehicle. It looks fantastic and sounds very nice.

Look out for more to come from Car Audio Plus. There are lots of plans in the horizon to keep us ontop of the car audio pile in the UK.

June 10th, 2009
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