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Universal FM Modulator iPod Ice Link Adaptor

Dension Universal FM Modulator iPod Ice Link Adaptor Car Kit

Universal FM Modulator iPod Ice Link Adaptor

Dension Universal FM Modulator Ice Link Plus iPod adaptor enabling you to connect your iPod to any car radio with an aerial input connector, giving you the ability to play and self charge your iPod. Compatible with 99% of all UK vehicles and an ideal option if:

1) There is not an available Ice Link Plus adaptor in the Aftermarket & Factory iPod options.
2) Your Changer port is being used by another device (*such as a CD Changer)
3) Your radio does not have CD changer control
4) You are driving a leased car or classic

*If you have a CD or MP3 Changer already connected, the FM Modulator Ice Link will NOT affect this in any way. Use your Changer as normal and to access your iPod simply select radio and press the preset button that the iPod is tuned into.

The Ice Link FM connects by push-fit to the rear of your car radio in-line with your existing aerial connection. This direct method of connection enables a interference-free "Legal" FM signal directly to your radio giving superior sound performance when compared with other FM Modulator adaptors. See below for full installation details.

This package includes the Active Cradle (the same as the Ice Link Plus version) and an additional insert should you have a Mini iPod.

Compatible Radios:


  • Compatible with 99% of all UK vehicles. If you have a Chrylser or Volvo radio, please contact us before placing your order.

    Supported iPod/iPhone models:

  • iPhone 3G/3GS/4G
  • 3rd & 4th Generation (20GB/40GB)

  • iPod Photo (60GB) [Not compatible with iPod photo 30GB]

  • Mini iPod

    iPod Models Not Supported:

  • iPod Shuffle

    Available iPod connections in this package:

  • Active Cradle for 3rd/4th Generation, iPod Photo & Mini iPod (using included insert)

    The active cradle is designed to mount on your dashboard giving you safe and convenient access to your iPod, which can then be released in seconds for optimum security.

    Mounting the Active Cradle The Active Cradle mounts using the supplied screws with the addition of an (optional) Dashmount mounting bracket ensuring a neat, safe and professional installation.

    Dashmount Brackets are Vehicle Specific Damage-Free Mounting Brackets and they are made for your particular car make and model ensuring a perfect fit. They install in minutes without any drilling and protect your dash providing a quick, easy and secure installation giving an integrated look with your car dash and interior. Detailed easy installation instructions are included with each bracket.

    (To view, click this link or click the Dashmount Bracket link on the product menu to left of site)

    If your vehicle is not listed select the Universal bracket option as these are compatible with any vehicle. Universal brackets have an arm that simply slides into position at one side of your radio. Choose between 10mm, 30mm & 45mm arm lengths depending whether your radio is flush with your dash or recessed. A flush radio would use a 10mm Bracket and a radio recessed deep in the dash would use a 45mm bracket.

    See an example of the
    mounting brackets in position.

  • Difference of iPod Adaptor KitsWhen using this FM iPod adaptor option you actually use your iPod controls as opposed to the Aftermarket and Factory Installed radio options where you control the iPod via your radio and steering wheel controls where fitted. This FM Modulator Ice Link adaptor car kit will also charge your iPod.
    FM Modulator Ice Link Plus Adaptor ConnectionThe Ice Link Plus connects by push-fit connection in-line with the existing aerial socket on your car radio. To power the FM Modulator you connect a switched 12V live and an earth to the unit from your cars wiring using the 2 included Scotch Locks preventing the need to solder, allowing a quick installation by any competent DIYer. This is detailed clearly in the included instructions.

    The IceLink FM Modulator is compatible with cars that have the DIN type aerial connector below. Check at the rear of your radio for this connector. Also included in this package are 2 aerial convertor/adaptors for use when you don't have the a DIN type aerial connector making the FM Modulator Ice Link Plus compatible with 99% of all UK vehicles. Please check with us if you have a Chrylser or Volvo vehicle before ordering to ensure compatibility.

    DIN aerial connection type compatible with the FM Modulator Ice Link Plus. Adapters are included in this package if you have a different aerial connector.

    Adaptor InfoThis Ice Link has been selected from a leading manufacturer and extensively tested guaranteeing optimum compatibility with any radio with a DIN type aerial connection. Please Note: we cannot offer technical support on iPod adaptors purchased elsewhere as inferior products may have compatibility issues.

    If you are unsure or have any concerns about the compatibility of this Dension iPod Ice Link Plus adaptor with your radio, please Contact Us for help as we have an extensive Technical Information and Knowledge Resource that is updated on a daily basis.

    Alternatively if you experience after sales technical issues you can contact us at any time via our
    Support Centre as all Car Audio Plus products come with FREE Technical Help for life.

    Why choose a Dension FM Modulator iPod Ice Link?


  • Far superior sound performance when compared to alternative iPod FM transmitters.

  • Dock and Undock your iPod in seconds from the robust Dension Ice Link cradle.

  • The Dension Ice link is fully compatible with 3rd/4th Mini & Photo iPods.

    Important Notes:
    Please ensure that you select the correct iPod connection from the Drop-Down menu above and Dashmount Bracket (if required) for your particular vehicle.
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